Art Direction, Graphic Design, Identity, Typography


It was this fluidity of the Mediterranean’s dominant hue that inspired us to create this year’s IONIA collection. We saw it as the primordial element that has always given the cities and civilizations on its shores a feeling of affinity and kinship with one another. We saw it, too, as a welcome message of unity being borne forever from port to port upon the long, calm waves of summer—which is why we named every design after a different Mediterranean destination. We also wanted to capture in our colours the magnificence of the rays of noonday sun reflected in its waters. Then we tied everything together with other elements common to the civilizations that border our Middle Sea: mosaic floors, delicately patterned traditional embroidery, Graeco-Roman and Arabic decorative motifs. Finally, we added sky blue to our palette to compose the chromatic backdrop to the archetype of the sea voyage that serves as an allegory for life itself: the wanderings of Odysseus.

Fani Malamatou – Stavros Papayannis
Athens, January 2012

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Mediterranean Blue in Store

Mediterranean Blue in Frankfurt Ambiente