The first Nikos Koulis Jewels boutique in Athens, located in its posh shopping area in the center of the city, is a product of a constant, evolving intercourse between masculine and feminine elements. The sources of inspiration behind its creation are universal: references to a G. Gershwin melody, a phrase by F. S. Fitzgerald, the decolorized photography of classic films, the electrical vibe of New York, Paris and Shanghai during the 30’s and 40’s. The result is the creation of an atmospheric space resembling a woman’s boudoir, combined with the mystery of an austere men’s lounge. The dialogue between the eternal game of menwomen attraction is reflected in all the design facets: fine grey flannel on the walls, grey, black and dark green marbles, intense metals such as bronze and back iron, display forms made of cement co-existing with art deco curved mirrors, custom-made graceful lighting sconces, velvet and rattan textures. The space as a whole establishes the privacy and proximity, redefining the the position of the client toward his objects of desire – Nikos Koulis fine jewelry. Designed by the Athens-based Stage Design Office, Stavros Papagiannis & Yorgos Kiriazis, in a close collaboration with the brand owners, Nikos Koulis Jewels boutique exceeds the commercial character of a store, inviting its clients to experience the intimacy of an unconfined, private moment. Alexandros Papadias designed the marble sconces, the tailormade vitrine étalage, as well as the bronze door knobs; Michael Anastassiades the satin brass lights, while Cypriot artist Socrates Socratous has created an in-situ installation in the outdoor display, while classic music is played from the outdoor loudspeakers, creating a sensation to visitors and reflecting Nikos Koulis’ intricate philosophy.

  • Photos: Grey Studio, Panagiotis Baxevanis
  • Tailor-made objects: Alexander Papadias, makeworkshop
  • Light Design: L4A